Arnika is planning to launch a hemp stock processing plant

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Business group Arnika plans to launch a hemp stock processing plant next year.

 This was reported by the CEO of Arnika Oleg Maksak in the interview with

"The equipment has already been purchased and we are now working on the project", he informed.

Hemp is marginal enough to take risks according to Oleg Maksak. It is not complicated to cultivate it, moreover it is suitable for organic because it supresses all the weeds. But it requires the purchase of new special harvesters for industrial production.

"Our first experience with the cultivation of hemp was last year. It was instantly distributed around Ukraine as seeds. In our Soy Research Institute the hemp laboratory was created. So very soon we will have our own Ukrainian variety of this plant, which will be exported. Instead of raw products we are interested in selling semi-finished and finished products, and plenty of them are produced from hemp", said the CEO of Arnika.

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