The largest recipients of VAT refund for 2016

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The largest recipient of reimbursement of value added tax (VAT) for 2016 was Kernel-Trade Company (Kernel) in the amount of 6.8 billion UAH.

This is supported by the data published on the State Treasury Service website. The total reimbursement of VAT to Ukrainian enterprises for 2016 made 94.4 billion USD. The following companies became the largest recipients of VAT refund in the agricultural sector:

1. Kernel-Trade (Kernel) — 6.8 billion UAH;

2. Cargill — 3,69 billion UAH;

3. Suntrade (Bunge) — 2,19 billion UAH;

4. NIBULON — 2.11 billion UAH;

5. ADM Trading Ukraine — 2.09 billion UAH;

6. Myronivsky plant for manufacturing of cereals and feeds (MHP) — 1.61 billion UAH;

7. MHP — 1.29 billion UAH;

8. Imperovo Foods — 1.04 billion UAH;

9. Delta Wilmar CIS — 0.73 UAH billion UAH;

10. Glencore Grain Ukraine (Glencore) — 0,71 billion UAH;

11. Rise-Maxim — 0.49 UAH billion UAH;

12. Louis Dreyfus Ukraine Ltd — 0.41 billion UAH;

13. Vinnytsya Oil and Fat Factory (ViOil) — 0,36 billion UAH;

14. Vinnitsa KHP №2 (UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO) — 0.33 billion UAH;

15. Allseeds — 0,32 billion UAH.

We would like to remind that the largest recipient of value added tax (VAT) reimbursement in December 2016 was Cargill Company (1,24 billion UAH), and the total amount of VAT compensation for Ukrainian enterprises amounted to 15.96 billion UAH.

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