Astarta-Kiev begins its 2017/18 sugar production campaign

Zhdanivsky and Narkevychi sugar plants have started new sugar production campaign. Zhdanivsky sugar plant has already reached its planned production capacity and produced its first batch of sugar compliant with EU standards. The rest six sugar plants of Astarta-Kiev will be launched this month.

This is reported by the company's press service. 

Prior the beginning of the new sugar production season, Astarta-Kiev has implemented a number of investment projects in energy saving and sugar production efficiency. The Company has carried out replacement of equipment elements at all sugar plants. In addition, beet pulp drying complex, granulator, and storages for dry granulated beet pulp will be put into operation on Narkevychi sugar plant in 2017. This will allow producing an additional 25 thousand tons of granulated beet pulp per year for export to the PRC market, which became available after obtaining certification permissions.

The Company implements its renewable energy sources use strategy in production: beet pulp dryer was refitted for use of fuel pellets from sunflower husk at Novoorzhytsa sugar plant. This will reduce the natural gas costs by 50% while drying beet pulp.

Over this year, Astarta-Kiev invested USD 13 million in the modernization of its sugar plants.

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