Bunge Ukraine is accused of tax evasion

The company Bunge Ukraine is accused of using schemes of tax evasion. This was stated by the blogger Aleksandr Aronets on his Facebook page, reports GolosUA.

According to him, the Managing Director of the company Bunge Ukraine Dmitry Gorshunov and the son of the first deputy of the Kyiv mayor Roman Plis are engaged in fictitious VAT schemes.

"The management of Bunge Ukraine bought grain through its shell companies for cash, forming a fictitious tax credit for VAT. Now the companies Suntrade and Greentour-Ex count on the illegal compensation of UAH 15 million VAT due to operations that have passed through the companies Vantazh Trade and Delta MB controlled by Roman Plis," writes Aleksandr Aronets.

In his opinion, the managers of Bunge Ukraine, realizing the criminal nature of their actions, are seeking reimbursement of fictitious VAT.

"Bunge Ukraine executives do not hesitate to pressure the SFS through the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and the European Business Association (EBA), through the American embassy, demanding to be paid fictitious VAT," notes Aleksandr Aronets.

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