Agroprosperis plans increasing its elevators effectiveness

Agroprosperis Group in 2018 focuses on increasing the efficiency of those elevators of the Group, which give the largest return on capital to ensure the turnover of 1.5 million tons in MY, informs.

To increase the efficiency of elevators, Agroprosperis implements a number of projects, among them are:

  • installation of 2 new dryers at Krolevets and Radivilov elevators, which will double the speed of acceptance and drying of corn;
  • reconstruction of Agrodar-Bar elevator: installation of 2 additional acceptance points and 1 additional point of shipment. A pellet heat generator will be installed on one of the grain dryers.

"The company is exploring the possibility of installing pellet heat generator on other elevators of the Group. In 2016/17, a pilot project has already started at Dzhulinsky elevator. According to our estimates, the payback period of such a generator will be 2-3 years," the report says.

In addition, the company is strengthening its own railway logistics. As of today, 300 own wagons are running between elevators and ports.

"It is planned to purchase 100 more cars. Each elevator has its own or rented diesel locomotive in order to provide a swift delivery of wagons from the station," the company informs.

Reference: in 2017, Agroprosperis Bank expanded the range of services for farmers, increased the maximum amounts and terms of lending, and financed a third of all crop receipts issued in Ukraine.

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