Mriya Agroholding sows 103 thou. ha during spring campaign

Mriya Agroholding started spring crops sowing for the harvest of 2018. During the spring sowing campaign, Mriya plans to sow 103.25 thou. hectares, which is almost 18 thou. more hectares than in 2017.

The company informs that this year the sowing campaign started later than the planned dates due to late spring.

"Because of the weather, the spring sowing campaign will be carried out in a short time. We corrected our plans and increased the share of early grain crops in the structure of the sown areas of Mriya. Thus, the areas under spring barley and rapeseed increased to 14.2 and 7.5 thou. ha, respectively. We also succeeded contracting additional tillage machinery and seeders without delay, so we hope to complete the sowing of spring crops without falling behind the plan," Andrei Grigorov, COO of Mriya, comments.

The strategic spring crops this year for Mriya are as follows:

  • sunflower — 33.5 thou. ha;

  • corn — 14.8 thou. ha;

  • soybean — 24.7 thou. ha;

  • sugar beet — 7.2 thou. ha (increased twofold).

Traditionally, the structure of the sown areas of the company includes peas (356 ha) and potatoes (660 ha). During the sowing campaign 2018, Mriya will partially use seeds of its own production, in particular — soybeans.

Reference: since the beginning of 2018, Mriya Agroholding replenished its technical park with 22 new units of equipment worth of USD 2.8 million.

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