Agrain started sowing campaign 2018

The company Agroprime Holding (Izmail, Artsyz, Bolhrad districts of Odessa region), which is part of the agrogroup Agrain, was the first to start the sowing campaign 2018.

Slavko Stanisic, the acting Chief Agronomist of the agrogroup, informed that the machinery started spring field works on 4 March.

"First, we sow sunflower. The soil is still wet, but there is no time to wait. Therefore, cultivators and seeders are properly adjusted. The work is humming," Slavko Stanisic commented.

The company plans to sow about 5 thou. hectares of oilseeds. The remaining areas are already under winter crops. Specifically, wheat is sown on 11,1 thou. hectares, barley — 1,99 thou. hectares, rapeseed — 3,35 thou. hectares.

It is noted that at the moment weather conditions and high soil moisture do not allow to start field works in the northern regions.

Reference: as of the beginning of 2018, Agrain's landbank practically did not change and amounts to 110 thou. hectares.

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