IMC completed the sowing of spring crops

On May 20, IMC completed the spring crops sowing campaign. This year, 69.5 thou. hectares of corn, 23.8 thou. hectares of sunflower, 11 thou. hectares of soybean and 900 hectares of fodder crops are sown.

"In the current year, weather conditions, especially excessive soil moisture due to significant precipitation in winter and in March, forced us to begin spring field work 10 days later than planned. At the same time, all the work, namely the fertilizing of winter crops, the application of mineral fertilizers for spring crops, the closing of moisture and sowing started almost simultaneously," Aleksandr Verzhykhovskyi, Chief Operating Officer of IMC, summs up.

Previously it was reported that IMC's net loss in Q1 of 2018 amounts to USD 8.23 million vs USD 5.68 million for the corresponding period in the year 2017.

Follow the progress of sowing campaign and stay up to date with the latest news in the project Sowing Online 2017/18.

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