NEUERO ship loader installation finalizes at Risoil Terminal

NEUERO ship loader at Risoil Terminal
NEUERO ship loader at Risoil Terminal
Photo by: Risoil

The work on the installation of the new NEUERO ship loader is finalizing at Risoil Terminal. Equipment testing and subsequent commissioning will be carried out with the participation of a specialist of the manufacturer.

"The equipment is made to Risoil order. Bulk cargoes will pass through the galleries and with the help of NEUERO they will be loaded into the ship's hold. On the gantry of the machine, the rear and jib belt conveyors, as well as the vertical telescopic tube, are responsible for the transportation of the goods. The horizontal boom, on which the arrow conveyor is located, can revolve through 180°. The ship loader will be driven by professional operators," the message says.

The machine is equipped with special aspiration systems, which limit the formation of dust and protect the environment.

The productivity of the loader is 1 thou. tons per hour. It will be possible to load 20-22 thou. tons per day.

The exact date of completion of work at the terminal is not yet specified, but it is noted that the new equipment will increase the turnover of the company and the port.

Risoil Terminal started setting up NEUERO ship loader at the berth No. 11 on June 14, 2018.

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