UkrLandFarming produces more than 300 tons of milk daily

The UkrLandFarming dairy farms produce more than 300 tons of milk daily. This was informed by Vasiliy Loboda, Production Director at Rais-Maksymko, within the framework of the press-tour to the Rais Pivnich enterprise of UkrLandFarming.

“This year's farm productivity is estimated at 9,300 kg per lactation per cow. As for the diet: silage grown at this enterprise, haylage produced of perennial grasses and alfalfa. Fodder — from our elevators. Protein group is purchased. Milking is presented by a common system of milk with no air access. Every day we produce more than 300 tons of milk throughout the UkrLandFarming farms. We sell it to around 20 dairy factories,” said Vasiliy Loboda.

According to him, the estimated selling price now is 9.8-10 UAH/l.

Vasiliy Loboda noted that milk production and purebred cattle realization are the most marginal directions in the livestock sector.

At the same time, the Holstein-Friesian breed requires compliance with important care conditions. Therefore, in the future, the company will shift the emphasis towards the Dutch Holstein. This breed gives the best indicators on the content of fat and protein.

Note: Rais Pivnich is one of the 19 dairy farms, where the purebred Holstein-Friesian breed of cattle has been raised for 4 years.

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