Agrain spoke about partners verification methods

The Agrain agrogroup considers the absence or minimal legal risks the main criterion of work with contractors. This was informed by Vladislav Pyzhov, Leading Legal Consultant at Lex Alliance Law Firm, providing legal services to Agrain enterprises.

He noted that the analysis of financial and reputational risks is an important stage of company analysis.

“Financial risks, that is the analysis of the counterpart's financial results (negative indicators). Reputational risks imply the presence of negative information in the media, social networks,“ Vladislav Pyzhov specified.

As Vladislav Pyzhov stressed, Agrain works with partners whose reliability is unquestionable.

“Perhaps, due to a strict criterion for accreditation, the so-called “shadow businesses” did not try establishing contacts with the company. The likelihood of relations with unreliable companies, involvement of the Agrain company in fraudulent schemes is minimized due to the competent policy of the legal service, the security service, as well as the interaction of the Agrain company with the external audit,” Vladislav Pyzhov commented.

He also informed about the possibility of getting into the company's blacklist in case of gross and/or repeated violation of contract terms.

Previously the company informed that the year 2018 was marked by a number of achievements. Director of the Consult Agro company Pavel Mamin added that in 2018 Agrain sowed high-oleic sunflower for the first time and got good results.

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