Delta Wilmar is happy with the new asset and will not refuse Chumak's traditional products — Golyanich

Delta Wilmar CIS is content with the purchase of the Chumak company, a leading Ukrainian foodstuffs producer, and does not consider refusing traditional for Chumak products.

“In the countries of presence, our group produces cereals in addition to vegetable oils. We will analyse opportunities and economy. We are interested in grocery production. At the same time, we are satisfied with the asset and are not ready to abandon traditional for Chumak products. Wilmar is one of the most powerful commodity groups in the world, and we will surely not waste this advantage,” commented Yuri Golyanich, Director General of Delta Wilmar CIS.

According to him, Delta Wilmar CIS has connections to various industries. Agrofusion deals more with raw materials, Delta Wilmar is engaged in processing, and Chumak is the next level for the company in selling finished packaged products to the consumer.

“When we speak about vertical integration, we are more interested in processing, finished products, trademarks, than in agro. So, Agrofusion and we have different development vectors,” he added.

Yuri Golyanich stressed that the company has no reasons for radical changes in Chumak.

As previously reported, Delta Wilmar CIS would acquire Chumak from the investment company Dragon Capital.

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