NIBULON saved UAH 1.6 mln on energy resources

Over the period of three years, NIBULON saved UAH 1.6 mln through the recycling of grains waste and the usage of alternative solid fuel for heating of administrative and production premises of the company's enterprises.

In total, within the whole period of the program implementation, the company has processed more than 353 tons of grain waste, from which about 307.4 tons of ready-to-use briquettes and 5.6 tons of vegetable technical oil were received.

"The processing of grain waste into fuel briquettes and their use as fuel for energy production not only reduces the dependence of the enterprise on traditional fuels and minimizes costs, but also has a positive environmental effect. One of the components of this waste is weed seeds, including ragweed, and their processing into fuel briquettes also solves the problem of quarantine weed seeds utilization. Correspondingly, the contamination of fields is reduced and the workload of local dumps, where this waste was previously stored, is reduced," said Alla Izmestieva, head of the company's environmental protection department.

According to the report, NIBULON also uses waste oils as fuel (hydraulic, transmission, gear, motor, crankcase, compressor) and oil residues from cleaning of storage tanks for fuel (furnace, diesel) generated by production activities.

The company specified that the total cost of investments in the energy-saving projects exceeds UAH 4.5 mln.

Previously reported that in the year 2019 NIBULON river transportation totalled 3.8 mln t. The company aims at increasing this indicator to 5 mln t, 31% up.

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