India's sugar production slashed 20%

Sugar production in India fell by 20% to 24.7 mln t as of mid-April. The current production season in the country is nearing the end, Business Today writes.

It is reported that in November the country's sugar production fell by 64% as unseasonal rains and floods damaged crops in the southern and western regions. At that time, Indian Sugar Mills Association projected a 21.6% drop in production, the steepest fall in the last 10 years.

"As of April 15, only 129 sugar mills were operational, compared to 172 plants a year earlier. The industry, which is one of the country's essential sectors, has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic," the report reads.

In Uttar Pradesh, the largest sugar producing state in the country, processing facilities have produced 10.8 mln t (108.25 lakh t) of sugar, whereas last year this indicator reached 10.6 mln t (105.55 lakh t). Of the 119 plants, 98 continued processing, compared to 103 plants last year.

Sugar export shipment from Ukraine in 1Q 2020 totalled 45.37 thou. t. The supply is estimated at USD 16.99 mln.Beet sugar industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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