Prices for Ukrainian wheat to continue going down

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Decreasing price trends are observed on the market of food wheat driven by a number of factors on the external market (improved weather conditions and the prospect of gross grain yield in the EU countries, Ukraine and Russia), G.R. Agro informs.

Since last Thursday, processing companies have reduced demand prices by 150 UAH/t on average including delivery costs, thus they currently do not exceed 6450 UAH/t.

The range of currency prices of demand in ports, according to the report, is within 200-203 USD/t CPT port.

Demand prices for the 2nd class wheat of 2020 harvest are set at 179 USD/t (4 USD/t lower wk/wk), 3rd class 176-178 USD/t (3-4 USD/t lower wk/wk), CPT-port.

Hryvnia prices in ports are kept at up to 6700 UAH/t, while the actual price range has decreased by 250-350 UAH/t on average and amounts to 6200-6550 UAH/t CPT-port.

"A further decline in price levels is expected. This is facilitated by the closing of trading programs on wheat of 2019 harvest," said the experts.

The USDA experts put wheat yield forecast for Ukraine in 2020/21  at 4.1% lower — 28 mln t (2019/20: 29.17 mln t, under experts' estimates).

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