IMC completed winter wheat harvesting

IMC completed the harvesting of winter wheat. The harvesting campaign lasted about three weeks.

Grain was harvested on an area of 21.2 thou. ha, more than 123 thou. t were harvested using the average yield of 5.83 t/ha, 52% higher from the average yield in Ukraine (according to the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, as of 30 July 2020 average wheat yield in Ukraine was 3.8 t/ha), the company says.

"This year's wheat harvesting campaign was much more intense than the previous ones. Due to the removal of soybeans from the crop mix, the area under winter wheat in IMC increased by more than 60%, which set the production team a difficult and responsible task of harvesting in optimal time. We are quite satisfied with the result because we all remember the rather unfavourable weather conditions that prevailed this winter: almost no precipitation, as well as in spring, when in fact until the end of May unusually cool weather was observed with numerous night frosts in the air and on the soil surface. But timely treatment with crop protection products, as well as fertilization allowed to minimize the impact of adverse factors and maximize the result," commented IMC’s Chief Operating Officer Oleksandr Verzhykhovskyi.

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Previously reported that the bulk yield of wheat in Russia is projected at 81 mln t in 2020.

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