Soybean yield reached 3.66 t/ha at Agrofusion

Agrofusion has completed legumes harvesting. Yellow peas areas in the current production season stood at 806 ha, 21% more from the previous season.

The company says that the average yield of this crop reached 2.6 t/ha, soybeans 3.66 t/ha.

"In 2021, we plan soybean production on 345 ha, peas on 1600 ha," the message reads.

As of September 10, agriproducers in Ukraine harvested 43.4 mln t of main crops on 12.3 mln ha, of which grains and legumes make up 38.7 mln t harvested on 9.8 mln ha, or 64% of the planned areas.

Barley harvesting is 100% complete in Ukraine. The new harvest amounted to 516.2 thou. t on 237.7 thou. ha, the crop yielded 2.17 t/ha on average. Soybean campaign is still in progress: 9% of the areas have been harvested. At campaign start soybean yielded 1.66 t/ha on average in Ukraine.

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