Kernel's Starokostiantyniv crushing plant first phase completed

Construction of Kernel's Starokostiantyniv crushing plant in Khmelnytsky region
Construction of Kernel's Starokostiantyniv crushing plant in Khmelnytsky region
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The first phase of Europe's largest oilseeds crushing plant, Kernel's Starokostiantyniv Crushing Plant in Khmelnytsky region, is ready for launch, Starokostiantyniv city mayor Mykhailo Melnychuk informs on Facebook.

The construction works started in spring 2019. The Ukrainian engineering company Interproject GmbH designed the facility.

"After a long construction period, the first phase of Kernel's oil extraction plant has been accepted by the state commission and approved for commissioning," writes Mykhailo Melnychuk.

The designed annual processing capacity is 1 mln t of oilseeds.

Kernel asset base, FY 2020 (click for higher resolution)

Along with its processing capacity, the enterprise is unique in several technological solutions. For example, Starokostiantyniv Crushing Plant has its own combined heat and power station (CHP), which will run on production waste and make the complex energy-independent. Also, the enterprise has an effective system of wastewater treatment with minimal impact on the environment. In addition, the plant has also implemented unique logistics solutions and has its own rail network.

"So far, the enterprise has already made a great contribution to the development of the economy of our city and the community as a whole. This includes the taxes paid, the employment of many professionals involved in truly a large-scale construction, and the use of products manufactured by local entrepreneurs," marks Mykhailo Melnychuk.

Kernel invested USD 130 mln in the plant construction.

The Ukrainian company INFOCOM LTD is also engaged in the construction.

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