Sea ports in Ukraine transshipped 32% less grain in Jan-May

Sea ports in Ukraine provided for the transshipment of 14.48 mln t of grain in January-May, 7.01 mln t or 32.6% down YoY. Negative dynamics of grain handling at Ukrainian ports decreased by 3.6 p.p. in May (January-April: 36.2%), reports.

Transshipment of cereals by port companies during the reporting period amounted to 14.694 mln t, 33.1% less from the corresponding period in 2020. State stevedores at the berths of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration (USPA) shipped 316.17 thou. t of grain (-27.1%), private enterprises 9.879 mln t (-31%).

The top five sea ports by grain handling volume processed 13.73 mln t of commodities. This volume accounted for 94.8% of all grain shipments in the ports. The transshipment leaders have not changed since April:

  1. The Port of Chornomorsk: 4.74 mln t (32.7% of total grain shipment in ports)
  2. Mykolaiv Sea Port: 3.49 mln t (24%)
  3. The Port of Pivdenny: 2.82 mln t (19.5%)
  4. Odesa Sea Port: 2.17 mln t (15%)
  5. The Specialized Sea Port Olvia: 509.38 thou. t (3.5%)

All Ukrainian ports reduced grain cargo handling during the first five months of 2021. The volumes dropped the most in these sea ports:

  1. The Port of Reni: a 74.1% drop
  2. The Specialized Sea Port Olvia: 43.3%
  3. Kherson Sea Port: 53.5%
  4. Mariupol Sea Port: 41.2%
  5. Odesa Sea Port: 39%

USDA in its June report put the forecast for wheat production in Ukraine in 2021/22 at 29.5 mln t, and corn at 37.5 mln t.

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