New crop wheat in Russia yielded 69 mln t

Grain and leguminous crops in Russia yielded 95.1 mln t on 35.5 mln ha as of 7 September, the Agrarian Ministry reports.

On the reporting date, wheat was harvested on 23.4 mln ha, the new crop volume stood at 68.8 mln t. Barley cuts were completed on 7.1 mln ha yielding 17.1 mln t. New crop corn progressed to 314.8 thou. t on 77.7 thou. ha.

Sugar beet harvesting covered 86.5 thou. ha, yielded 3.4 mln t.

Oilseeds campaign is also underway in Russia—sunflower new crop came to 673.8 thou. t on 442 thou. ha (2020: 705.4 thou. ha). Rapeseed harvesting was done on 726.5 thou. ha, the new crop volume made up 1.4 mln t. Soybean campaign covered 152.6 thou. ha, production reached 242 thou. t as of 7 September.

Winter crops sowing in Russia was completed on 4.8 mln ha.

Previously reported that winter crops planting in Ukraine was completed on 54.8 thou. ha of the planned 7.84 mln ha.

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