Taxes are not paid on a quarter of agricultural land in Ukraine — Miroshnichenko

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Approximately 25-30% of agricultural land in Ukraine is in shade, and taxes are not paid on it. This was declared at the press-conference Prospects of development of agro-industrial complex by Ivan Miroshnichenko, Parliament Member, member of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations, reported Infoindustria.
The Parliament Member pointed out that in 2016 the total area of farmland, on which taxes have been paid, decreased by half compared to last year.
"We received information from the State Fiscal Service and the Ministry of Finance. We have gone down from 32 million hectares to almost 18 million hectares. This data confirms that the land went into the shade", he said.

According to Ivan Miroshnichenko, Verkhovna Rada Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations has prepared a bill that will oblige to pay taxes on the land regardless of the fact whether you lend out or not.

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