Terms and Conditions

1. The rules of re-publishing the website content:

1.1. When re-publishing Latifundist.com materials on other websites, a hyperlink to Latifundist.com is required.

1.2. Hyperlinks to Latifundist.com should be indexable and should not contain noindex tags and nofollow attributes.

1.3. Use the name Latifundist.com when referring to us.

1.4. We do not require receiving approval for the use of our materials, it will be sufficient to comply with paragraphs 1.1-1.3. But we will be grateful if you let us know about re-publishing our materials, it is important for us to understand the benefits that our work brings to people.

2. Moderation:

2.1. All comments posted on the website are post-moderated.

3. Editorial policy:

3.1. The editorial office does not have to approve the published materials.


When commenting on certain materials, it is prohibited:

  • Personal insults, insults to official and public persons (including the diseased), rude expressions, insults and disparagement of other commentators, their relatives or friends.
  • Publication of deliberately false, unverified, defamatory information.
  • Insulting journalists and other Latifundist.com employees, authors of Latifundist.com, moderators, site administration, edition management, Latifundist.com readers, rude statements about Latifundist.com.
  • Using other people's first and last names, commenting on someone else's name.
  • Dissemination of personal data, violation of the secrecy of correspondence and communication.
  • Abusive language (including altered spelling of obscene words).
  • Duplicate comments (flood).
  • Comments, which do not make sense (flame).
  • Comments not relevant to the topics of the articles (off-top).
  • Advertising of other websites (including links to other websites). Advertising of goods and services.
  • Other violations of Ukrainian legislation.

Comments that violate Latifundist.com policy are deleted without notice. If the message is already posted remotely, the moderator has the right to block ("ban") the user.

5. Refusal to publish content

5.1 The website administration reserves the right not to publish content (incl. messages, posts, articles, photo, video and text advertising and information materials, etc.) demonstrating signs of unreliability, may in any way compromise the interests of readers, which is identified as a conflict of interest with other published materials or authors. In addition, the website administration may refuse to publish information if the materials submitted by the customer/author contain similar information to that already available on Latifundist.com, or the perception of the readers (website audience) may be mistakenly associated with other materials published on Latifundist.com or by the authors thereof.