The opening of the land market will be a strategic mistake — Ivchenko

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The opening of the land market will become a huge strategic mistake for Ukraine and a real threat to food security. Such opinion was expressed by the Deputy Chairman of the Agrarian and Land Relations Parliamentary Committee, MP Vadim Ivchenko, reports

The expert believes that a moratorium on the introduction of the land market should be prolonged until farmers begin to make and recycle their products, and they will have enough money to actually buy the land.

"There must be equal financial component for each market participant. Every farmer should be able to receive a bank loan with acceptable interest rates. After all, big business abroad has the possibility to receive such credit conditions, and low interest rate in Ukraine is 25-30%. And the mortgage for the entire loan amount is required as well", says the expert.

According to him it is impossible to run the land market without legislative support of the land reform. The process of land distribution, auctioning, criteria of distribution, prospective owners etc. must be clear and transparent.

Vadim Ivchenko also thinks that the economic situation in the country is not suitable for land market opening: there is war, recession and people are completely impoverished.

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