The project Harvest Online finished in Ukraine

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Ukrainian farmers have completed harvesting campaign according to the information from project and Massey Ferguson Company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment - Harvest Online 2016.

According to Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the production of grain and legumes in standard weight is expected within 64.2 million tons in 2016 which is 4.0 million tons more than in 2015. Wheat production will amount to 26.1 million tons (435 thousand tons less than in 2015) with the average yield of 42.0 hwt/ha (an increase of 3.2 t/ha compared to 2015).

The corn yield is expected in the amount of 26.1 million tons (- 23.4 million tons in 2015), with an average yield of 61.5 htw/ha (4.4 hwt/ha more than in 2015).

Barley harvest amounted to 9.5 million tons (8.3 million tons in 2015), with the average yield of 33.1 hwt/ha (29.6 hwt/ha). Rye was harvested by the Ukrainian agrarians in the amount of 395 thousand tons (391 thousand tons), with an average yield of 27.7 hwt/ha (25.9 hwt/ha). The oat harvest brought in 510.1 thousand tons (488.5 thousand tons), with the average yield of 24.6 hwt/ha (23.2 hwt/ha).

The harvest of oilseeds this season has demonstrated strong performance: sunflower - 13.4 million tons (11.0 million tons), soybeans - 4.1 million tons (3.9 million tons).

Sugar beets in Ukraine were harvested in the amount of 13.2 million tons, 2.8 million tons more than last year. The sugar beats yield has also risen by 19.6 htw/ha (455.4 hwt/ha versus 435.8 hwt/ha last year).
Moreover, according to the data as of December 1, from the beginning of 2016/17 MY Ukraine has exported 18.38 million tons of grain, which is 5.9% more than last year (19.48 million tons).

Would you like to keep track of the dynamics of the harvesting of main crops and compare it to last year's? Are you interested to find out the information per region regarding harvest, yield and forecast data? Then move on to the joint project and Massey Ferguson - Harvest Online 2016!

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