In 2016/2017 MY Ukraine exported a record volume of wheat flour

In 2016/2017 MY, Ukraine exported a record volume of wheat flour – approximately 370 thousand tons.

This information was posted on the web site Аgritel.

"As the years pass, Ukraine increases the export of semi-processed products, the best example of it is the export of sunflower oil," the report summarizes.

Analysts note that the added value system allows to simultaneously support employment in the country and increase the inflow of foreign currency at the same time.

"More than 30% of the foreign currency in Ukraine accrues to agriculture," reported by Agritel.

According to the latest data, China, the Middle East, and Africa (to the south of the Sahara) are the main importers of Ukrainian flour.

Let us remind that in May 2017, flour production in Ukraine exceeded the volume produced in the same period last year by 3.7% and amounted to 139.26 thousand tons.

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