Odessa agrarians threshed 3.8 million tons of grain — Harvest Online 2017

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Odessa agrarians harvested 3.8 million tonnes of grain, taking the leading position in Ukraine. This is stated in the joint project of Latifundist.com and AGCO Harvest Online 2017.

Let us remind that harvesting of early grain and leguminous crops in Ukraine is completed, agrarians harvested 37.3 million tons of grain, and the average yield of harvested crops is 3.86 t/ha (2016 — 3.94 t/ha).

In addition to agrarians from the Odessa region, high results were shown in Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv — 2.8 million tons, Dnepropetrovsk — 2.6 million tons, Vinnitsa and Nikolayev — 2.4 million tons, Kherson — 2.2 million tons, Khmelnitsky — 1,9 million tons, Donetsk — 1.8 million tons and Ternopil — 1.7 million tons.

Corn is harvested on 29,000 hectares (the projected area is 4.5 million hectares) and threshed 117,000 tons with a yield of 4.06 tons per hectare (2016 — 3.98 tons per hectare).

The sunflower harvesting campaign also continues, with a forecast of 5.9 million hectares, it is threshed already on 480 thousand hectares, the harvest makes 803 thousand tonnes with an average yield of 1.67 t/ha (2016 — 1.96 t/ha).

As of September 8, the soybean is harvested from the area of 88,000 hectares (the forecast is 2 million hectares) and amounted to 148,000 tons, with an average yield of 1.68 t/ha (2016 — 2.02 t/ha).

Harvesting of sugar beet is carried out on the area of 7 thousand hectares (forecast — 318 thousand hectares), the harvest makes 297 thousand tons with an average yield of 44.2 t/ha.

The highest yields of grains and legumes were recorded in Khmelnitsky region — 5.60 t/ha, Ivano-Frankivsk — 5.20 t/ha, Ternopil — 5.32 t/ha, Vinnitsa — 4.97 t/ha, Chernivtsi — 4,94 t/ha and Lviv — 4.84 t/ha.

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