Forward program for the purchase of harvest 2018 launched in the Agrarian Fund

Agrarian Fund starts a forward program for the purchase of harvest 2018.

This is reported by the press service of the company.

In particular, it is planned to purchase more than a million tons of grain: 700k tons of wheat, 200k tons of corn, 50k tons of barley, 30k tons of rye, 10k tons of buckwheat, 10k tons of oats, 10k tons yellow peas.

According to preliminary estimates, the total sum, which the Agrarian Fund plans to allocate to agricultural producers should amount to UAH 3.1 billion.

"Agrarian Fund intends to cooperate with both large agro-holdings and small and medium-sized farmers. In this case, there are standard requirements for the volume of the minimum batch: for wheat — 100 tons, for corn — 100 tons, for barley — 50 tons, rye — 30 tons, buckwheat — 10 tons, oats — 10 tons, yellow peas — 30 tons," report in company.

Procurement prices based on which prepayment under contracts will be made for grain are: 2nd class wheat — 4.85k UAH/t, 3rd ckass wheat — 4,6k UAH/t, 3rd class corn — 4,15k UAH/t, 2nd and 3rd classes rye — 3,5k UAH/t, 2nd and 3rd classes buckwheat — 10k UAH/t, 2nd and 3rd classes yellow peas — 6k UAH/t.

The amount of prepayment is established in accordance with the customer assessment system, but does not exceed 65% of the total cost of delivery under the contract. The level of the interest rate without taking into account exchange rate fluctuations amounts to 20-25%, taking into account exchange rate fluctuations — 15%.

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