Installation of silos at NIBULON's terminal is in progress

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The supplier of silos equipment for the Nikolaev elevator complex of the company NIBULON is the Italian company FRAME, the chief installer of which personally supervises the process of installation the capacities at the construction site of the transshipment terminal.

Half of the elevator tower is already constructed (4 floors) and the installation of reinforcing cages is being completed for the berth plate, which after the reconstruction will be extended to 222 m.

"It should be noted that tenders for various types of construction works on the territory of the NIBULON transshipment terminal in Nikolaev are continuing and there are a lot of interested parties wishing to cooperate with the company from different regions of Ukraine. Therefore, the number of workers on the construction site will continue to grow. In total, the construction of the elevator complex, which began in November 2017 and will be completed in February, will involve about 500 specialists," the message says.

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