30% of produced in Ukraine soy is non-GM — Prosolenko

30% of soybean which is produced in Ukraine is non-GM, while de jure, it should all be non-GM.

This was informed by Regional Director for Donau Soja Ukraine  Oksana Prosolenko in a workshop Ukrainian soybean: organic and traditional at the exhibition Agro Spring 2018.

According to the Association's estimates, out of the total production there are about 14% of non-GM soybeans in the world.

"Ukraine produces almost half the volume of soybean in Europe. This means that the pace of crop development in the EU and utilization patterns will effect on Ukraine in the form of extra demand, for which our producer, I really hope, is ready. Because when new markets arise and new niches are opened, there is that added value for which we are all struggling so desperately," Oksana Prosolenko commented.

According to her, about 8.8 million tons of non-GM soybeans are utilized in Europe. According to the Association's estimates, in the next few years, there will be a niche in the amount of 7.5 million tons of non-GM soybean supply, and this may well be Ukrainian soy.

Oksana Prosolenko also reported that Europe utilizes about 31 million tons of meal, out of which European processing volume makes up about 12 million tons of soy. Most of soybean for processing and meal production is supplied from Argentina and Brazil.

"Europe, at the moment, is very concerned about what is happening in the market. Firstly, Europeans do not want to eat GMOs. Secondly, Europeans do not want to eat livestock products, if feeds contained GMO. Thirdly, Europeans want to consume a local product, everything that is produced in the continental Europe," she noted.

The expert also stressed that in this connection, such a huge soybean consumer as the EU will seek possible ways to compensate or replace the volume of imports that comes from South America.

Prior it was reported that Ukraine in 2017/18 will increase soybean processing by 16%.

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