Over 8M of 2017/18 Ukraine increased export of rye 63 times

In July-February 2017/18, Ukraine delivered to the foreign markets about 18.9 thou. tons of rye, while over the same period of the previous marketing year rye exports resulted in 0.3 thou. tons, APK-Inform writes.

It is noted that this situation is the result of the increased rye production in Ukraine in 2017 (by 29.4%), as compared to the indicator of 2016, as well as low domestic processors demand.

According to analysts' estimates, the export potential of the Ukrainian rye market in 2017/18 is 25 thou. tons. Thus, over eight months of the current marketing year, this potential was realized by 76%.

Reference: rye exports in January made up 3.8 thou. tons.

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