Grain harvest in 2018/19 expected to increase to 65.8 MT

In March, analysts made the first forecasts of grain and leguminous crops harvest in Ukraine in 2018/19, according to which the total grain production should increase to 65.8 million tons (+6%), APK-Inform reports.

In particular, the areas under corn are expected to increase to 4.62 million hectares (+2% to the current marketing year indicator), which, provided the increase in grain yield to 6.23 tons/ha, will provide for a total harvest of 28.5 million tons. Wheat production in the future season is expected at 27 million tons (+ 3%), whereas barley production — 7.8 million tons (-6%).

In 2018/19, the increase of export supplies of Ukrainian grain to Egypt, Bangladesh and Lebanon is expected, where during the expired period of 2017/18 (July-March), and against the background of production decline and high competition from the Russian Federation, less grain was supplied than over the corresponding period of 2016/17.

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