Export of grains from Ukraine exceeded 35 MT

Since the beginning of MY2017/18, Ukraine has exported more than 35 mln tons of grain crops. Wheat exports amount to more than 15.4 million tons (including milling wheat — almost 9 mln tons, fodder wheat — more than 6.4 mln tons), barley — more than 4 mln tons, and corn — almost 15 mln tons.

According to the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumers Protection (SSUFSCP), over the corresponding period of the previous MY more than 38 mln tons of grain were exported, in particular, 16 mln tons of wheat (including milling wheat — 10.5 mln tons, and fodder wheat — more than 5.6 million tons), barley — 5.1 mln tons, corn — almost 17 mln tons).

Also, within the current MY, more than 4.6 mln tons of oilseeds were exported, including rapeseed — 2.1 mln tons, soybean — more than 2.5 mln tons.

As of the same date last year, export of oilseeds amounted to almost 3.7 mln tons (including rapeseed — more than 1 mln tons, soybean — more than 2.7 mln tons).

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