Export of oats declined threefold

As of May 22, 8,9 thou. tons of oats were exported from Ukraine since the beginning of MY2017/18, which is a 3 times lower volume than the indicator for 11 months of the previous season (27,2 thou. tons), APK-Inform writes.

In the current marketing year, purchases of Ukrainian grain were reduced by all the countries which last season dominated in Ukrainian oats import, among them are:

  • India — 10,6 thou. tons;
  • Pakistan — 7 thou. tons.

A number of countries increased their purchases. In particular, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Libya and South Africa in total increased their imports by 1.4 thou. tons.

Previously it was reported that as of May 25, spring grain and leguminous crops (including corn) had been planted on the area of 7 million hectares (95% of the forecasted 7.4 million hectares).

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