Pology OEP doubled soybean processing in 2017/18

Pology Oil Extraction Plant doubled soybean processing in MY2017/18.

"In MY2017/18, the plant processed 200 thou. tons of soy, which is twice as much as during the corresponding period last season," the company informs.

Pology OEP holds the 3ʳᵈ position in the Top-10 soybean oil producers of Ukraine.

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Pology OEP produce is certified in the UkrSEPRO system and complies with GMP standards. The company also operates a food safety management system DSTU 4161: 2003.

Pology OEP is the only Ukrainian plant that won the Euro Market prize at the international forum held in Brussels (Belgium).

Reference: in May 2018, the production of soybean oil by large and medium-sized enterprises of Ukraine amounted to 18.1 thou. tons, which is 8.6% less compared to April, but 27.5% more as compared to May 2017.

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