19 mln tons of early grain crops threshed in Ukraine — Harvest Online 2018

Photo by: Latifundist.com

As of July 23, 2018, Ukrainian agrarians continue harvesting early grain and leguminous crops, which is carried out on the area of 5.96 million hectares or 62% of the forecast. 18.9 million tons of new crop are already harvested with the productivity of 3.17 t/ha.

The volumes of harvested crops are as follows:

  • winter wheat — 14.33 million tons from 4.23 million hectares (67% of the forecast) with the productivity of 3.39 t/ha;
  • spring wheat — 29.8 thou. tons from 13.7 thou. hectares (7%) with the productivity of 2.28 t/ha;
  • winter barley — 2.85 million tons from 812.5 thou. hectares (98%) with the productivity of 3.51 t/ha;
  • spring barley — 1.1 million tons from 563.4 thou. hectares (37%) with the productivity of 1.96 t/ha;
  • peas — 509.6 thou. tons from 306 thou. hectares (72%) with the productivity of 1.67 t/ha.

Rye is harvested from 25.47 thou. hectares (17% of the forecast), the yield amounts to 59.9 thou. tons, the productivity — 2.35 t/ha. Oats are threshed from the area of 8 thou. ha or 4.1% of the forecast. 13.3 thou. tons have been harvested with the productivity of 1.66 t/ha.

In 23 regions, winter rapeseed harvesting continues 878.36 thou. hectares of areas are threshed (90% of the forecast) and 2.25 million tons of crop are harvested with the productivity of 2.25 t/ha. In addition, spring rapeseed harvesting started: 6.22 thou. hectares or 11.3% of the forecast are threshed so far and the harvest resulted in 10.3 thou. tons with the productivity of 1.66 t/ha.

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