Corn harvest in Ukraine expected to increase 30% — USDA

USDA experts project that Ukrainian agrarians in MY2018/19 will have a record harvest of corn at the level of 31 million tons, which is 28.5% more than the previous year.

In the June USDA report, the corn yield forecast stood at 30 million tons.

According to USDA analysts, corn exports should increase to 24.5 million tons, which is 6 million tons more than in MY2017/18.

In the previous season, the bulk grain yield amounted to 24.12 million tons, and in MY2016/17 the actual yield reached 27.97 million tons.

USDA reports that the export of corn from Ukraine demonstrates an increasing tendency over the last 5 years together with the expansion of areas and price competitiveness.

In particular, supplies to the EU, North Africa, and the Middle East are growing. According to the forecasts, in MY2018/19 the export growth tendency should remain.

Reference: in January-June 2018, Ukraine filled 10 duty-free quotas in the EU. More than half of the quotas for barley, starch and processed starch are filled.

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