Global rapeseed exports in 2018/19 may increase by 7%

According to the forecasts of the Oil World experts, key exporting countries may increase total shipments of rapeseed and canola seeds to 17.35 million tons due to high global demand in 2018/19, which is 7% more than during the previous marketing year (16.23 million tons).

This was reported by APK-Inform.

In particular, the experts predict that the following countries may increase rapeseed and canola shipments:

  • Canada to 11.31 million tons (10.78 million tons);
  • Australia to 2.46 million tons (2.25 million tons);
  • Ukraine to 2.3 million tons (2.12 million tons);
  • Russia to 0.5 million tons (0.32 million tons).

Besides, the analysts forecast that the global production of rapeseed and canola in 2018/19 can decrease to 65.17 million tons against 66.49 million tons a season earlier, and the final reserves – to 7.65 million tons (8.4 million tons).

Reference: the gross output of rapeseed in Ukraine in 2018/19 has amounted to 2.6 million tons, which is 14% higher than the previous season and means an increase both in the domestic processing of oilseeds and exports.

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