VIMAL launched the largest in Eastern Eurasia potato starch plant

VIMAL starch plant
VIMAL starch plant in Chernigiv region
Photo by: Facebook

The VIMAL company commissioned the new starch plant in Chernigiv region.

"We are very glad to inform that the largest potato starch factory in Eastern Eurasia is fully commissioned and ready to produce potato starch, the highest quality starch for any kind of customers needs," the company says in the statement.

According to the message, it took VIMAL 2.5 years to progress from the period of zero ground to the running facility.

"The project was designed by the leading Danish engineers and driven by the best in the world Swedish equipment which together with our 26 years’ experience allowed us to make the project which is fully adopted to the local conditions, meets world's most efficient technical and quality tendencies," VIMAL comments.

At the end of the production season, the plant was fully tested and demonstrated positive results. 

Previously reported that China offered investment in the commercial production of starch in Ukraine.

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