China imported a maximum soybeans volume over 18 months

According to PRC customs statistics, the country imported 9.48 mln t of soybeans in August 2019, the highest level in almost 1.5 years, the APK-inform consultancy reports.

This indicator exceeds the volumes imported in July 2019 (8.64 mln t) and August 2018 (9.15 mln t).

Key world soybean producers and importers/exporters (click for full resolution)

The increase in soybean purchases was partly due to soybean shipments from the United States contracted earlier but delivered in August.

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China imported 56.31 mln t of soybeans in January-August 2019, 9.2% less from the comparative period of 2019.

Previously reported that in late August soybean prices registered a new decline in a still complicated context between China and the USA.

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