Sowing Online 2019/20: winter grains campaign covered half million hectares

Sowing campaign in Ukraine
Sowing campaign in Ukraine
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As of September 12, winter crops in Ukraine are sown on 462 thou. ha, representing 6% of the total of 7.3 mln ha.

By the data of the Sowing Online 2019/20 Project, the sown areas by the winter crops are as follows:

  • wheat — 425 thou. ha or 7% of the total of 6.2 mln ha;
  • rye — 22 thou. ha or 18% of 122 thou. ha;
  • barley — 15 thou. ha or 2% of 920 thou. ha;
  • rapeseed — 897 thou. ha or 84%.

The project was created with the support of the Meteo Farm Agroweather Service. Follow the regular updates and keep up to date with the latest changes with

Regional specialization in crop production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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