Turkey imported a record volume of Ukrainian wheat

UkrAgroConsult reports that in October 2019/20, Ukraine exported 2.9 mln t of wheat, a record volume of the grain for this month, which exceeds the last year’s October exports by 33%.

“Exports to Turkey reached a record high that exceeds the total volume of all the exports during 2018/19 by 89%. There is a significant decrease in demand from the EU (-43%), as well as South Korea (-40%) and the Philippines (-16%),” the report states.

In July-October 2019/20, wheat exports reached 11.6 mln t, which exceeds the export volume for the same period of 2018/19 by 54%. The volume is the historical maximum for this period.

Compared to the same period of 2018/19, the export volumes to Egypt (+245%), Bangladesh (+152%), Morocco (+55%), Indonesia (+45%), and Thailand (+34%) soared significantly.

The record 2019 wheat crop and its high quality allowed Ukraine not only to significantly increase export shipments from the beginning of the 2019/20 season but also compete with Russia in the Black Sea region for the key markets for Russian grain in Egypt and Turkey.

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