Shmorhun replaced as CEO of AgroGeneration by Bulavin

AgroGeneration Board of Directors appointed Sergiy Bulavin as Chief Executive Officer to replace resigning CEO John Shmorhun with effect from March 31, 2020. John Shmorhun remains a member of the Board.

“The Board of Directors thanks John Shmorhun for his work and commitment to AgroGeneration since the merger with Harmelia in 2013 and wishes him the best of luck with his future plans,” said Board chairman Michael Bleyzer.

Previously Sergiy Bulavin held the position of Senior Vice President of AgroGeneration.

“I am proud of my appointment as Chief Executive Officer. I know the Group well and I will devote all of my experience and personal commitment to serving AgroGeneration and ensuring that it can meet the multiple challenges that lie ahead, particularly in terms of profitability and efficiency,” Sergiy Bulavin commented on his appointment.

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