Agrarian Ministry and social commodities producers sign memorandum

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine signed a memorandum with representatives of associations producing social goods. These are producers of bread, flour, dairy products, sunflowerseed oil, eggs and chicken, the head of the ministry Roman Leshchenko informs on Facebook.

He stressed that the Ministry had been actively negotiating with domestic producers over the past weeks. On 31 December 2021, a Memorandum was signed.

"To maintain price stability for social commodities, a roadmap for the support of key sectors of the food industry was developed with the approval of the Ukrainian government and the President. The memorandum is proof that there is an understanding between the state and business. Compromise solutions have been found," Roman Leshchenko comments.

Production and exports of basic foodstuffs from Ukraine in 2020/21 (click for higher resolution)

The government and business have joined forces to create favourable conditions for producers, to stabilize the price of domestically produced natural gas based on the principles of legality, prosperity, fair competition and social responsibility, the minister adds.

"An optimum supply-sale mark-up to the price of domestically produced natural gas of not more than 25% has been determined to meet the needs of economic entities the principal activity of which is the production of socially important foodstuffs," he continues.

The minister urged that a balance must be maintained in the foodstuffs segment: food security, sufficient supply, stabilisation of prices by market instruments and support for the national producer of foodstuffs in times of considerable fluctuations of prices for energy resources.

As a reminder, wheat export from Ukraine in 2021/22 was limited to 25.3 mln tThe Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Agrarian Ministry and grain market participants. The Government also considers milling wheat export from the country. The decision is reported to be taken in January.

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