NIBULON heads up VAT refund recipients in January

In January 2022, the largest amount of VAT was refunded to NIBULON — UAH 1,212.4 mln, the State Treasury Service of Ukraine reports.

In the reporting period, the VAT refund was received by the following companies:

  1. NIBULON: UAH 1,212.4 mln
  2. Kernel-Trade (Kernel): UAH 897.9 mln
  3. COFCO Agri Ukraine: UAH 626.6 mln
  4. ADM Ukraine: UAH 590.3 mln
  5. Suntrade (Bunge Ukaine): UAH 459.1 mln
  6. Cargill: UAH 412 mln
  7. LDC Ukraine: UAH 399 mln
  8. Dniproazot: UAH 309 mln
  9. Olam Ukraine: UAH 278 mln
  10. Delta Wilmar Ukraine: UAH 267.7 mln

The last time NIBULON headed the list in November 2021. The company was refunded with UAH 1,220.2 mln of VAT.

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