Grain storage complex up for sale in Mykolaiv region

In Mykolaiv region of Ukraine, an elevator complex for grain storage with a capacity of 84 700 m³ is up for sale. The facility can be relocated to any other region and any place.

The storage capacity of the elevator complex is 84,700 m³ or 65,000 tons of grain.

It was put into operation in 2012.

"The elevator complex is located on a leased land plot with an area of 2,84 hectares. The land plot is leased until May 13, 2060," a Ukrainian law firm assisting in the property sale, GOLAW, adds.

PROKOP (Czech Republic), CHIEF (England), and HERON (France) equipment is installed at the complex.

The price of the asset is negotiable.

Viktoriia Bublichenko is a contact person:

mob. +380 97 290 24 25


Asset presentation and more details can be found at the link

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