TOP 10 Rapeseed Producing Countries in 2019

Globally, rapeseed is one of the most common oilseed crops. Rapeseed cultivation remains sustainable, and the major producing countries consider it a strategic crop. This is largely conditioned by the importance of rapeseed oil: as a food product, it may well compete with olive oil, reduce blood cholesterol and prevent heart attacks and strokes. It is widely used in industry as a biofuel. Green plant material, hay and flour are feed for cattle. This crop is an excellent green manure and excellent honey plant as bees produce 60-90 kg of honey from one hectare of crops.Rapeseed field in Ukraine

Pursuant to the data of Kleffmann Group, the total rapeseed area worldwide in 2019 was 35 mln ha. Five leaders in terms of acreage covered 29.8 mln ha with rapeseed, accounting for 85% of all sown areas globally:

  • Canada: 8.4 mln ha
  • India: 7.3 mln ha
  • China: 6.6 mln ha
  • EU: 5.6 mln ha
  • Australia: 1.9 mln ha

With insignificant areas under this crop, Chile (4.1 t/ha), Turkey (3.5 t/ha) and Switzerland (3.1 t/ha) ranked first, followed by the EU countries with an average yield of 3.0 t/ha.Rapeseed production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

Global production of rapeseed has increased by 7.3 mln t or 12% to 68.2 mln t over ten years. In the last two years, Canada has held the lead in production, growing 28% of world production, the EU countries produce slightly less (25%), China follows ranking third (19%). Ukraine holds the 5th position with 3.3 mln t. Russia (+215%) and the USA (+133%) have shown considerable production growth over ten years.

Key producing countries in 2019 (mln t):

  • Canada: 19.0
  • China: 13.1
  • India: 7.7
  • France: 3.6
  • Ukraine: 3.3

Global production of rapeseed oil has risen by 23% in ten years to 27.4 mln t, which accounts for 40% of the total crop production. The EU countries and China dominate rapeseed oil production in 2019/20 with 9.5 mln t and 6.1 mln t of output, respectively.Rapeseed harvesting in Ukraine

Rapeseed export

The latest USDA data show that over ten years (from 2010/11 to 2019/20) the total rapeseed exports have surged by 41% to 15 mln t. Rapeseed oil exports have also boosted by 87% to 5.1 mln t and meal exports by 90% to 6.9 mln t.

Canada is the world's largest rapeseed exporter: the country supplied to foreign markets 9.5 mln t or 62% of the total in 2019/20. The EU countries imported a total of 6.0 mln t, China 2.5 mln t and Japan 2.4 mln t.

Volodymyr Demchuk, analyst

Production, mln t
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Производство, млн т: 19,0

Доля в мире, %: 28

Площадь, млн га: 8,4

Урожайность, т/га: 2,3

Canada is an unquestionable leader in rapeseed production and export in 2019/20: the country produced 19 mln t of rapeseed, of which 9.5 mln t were exported. The country is also the second-largest producer of rapeseed oil. Last year it produced 4.2 million tons, of which 82% or 3.5 mln t were exported.

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Производство, млн т: 13,1

Доля в мире, %: 19

Площадь, млн га: 6,6

Урожайность, т/га: 2,0

All of China's rapeseed is processed by domestic enterprises. In ten years, the rapeseed area has decreased by 0.6 mln ha or 8%. In 2019/20, the crop covers 6.6 mln ha. This makes the country the second-largest rapeseed producer. China dominates rapeseed oil production in 2019/20 with 6.1 mln t of output, which is also consumed domestically, thus less than 1% is exported.

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Производство, млн т: 7,7

Доля в мире, %: 11

Площадь, млн га: 7,3

Урожайность, т/га: 1,1

India remains in the top three for the vast areas under this oilseed crop. The 30% increase in sown areas has intensified rapeseed production by apx. 15.x to 7.7 mln t over the past decade. At the same time, yields remain among the lowest in the world — only 1.1 t/ha.

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Производство, млн т: 3,6

Доля в мире, %: 5

Площадь, млн га: 1,2

Урожайность, т/га: 3,1

A 3.1 t/ha rapeseed yield ensures France the first position among the European producers. The sown area has been reduced by 29% over the past year, resulting in a production decrease of 1.4 mln t or 29%. One of the factors that led to this reduction was pests. It has become more difficult for French farmers to control insects since the ban on insecticides containing neonicotinoids was introduced.

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Производство, млн т: 3,3

Доля в мире, %: 5

Площадь, млн га: 1,3

Урожайность, т/га: 2,6

In Ukraine, winter rapeseed is grown mainly, it accounts for 97% of the total area and only 3% falls on spring rapeseed (сolza). Over the past three years, the area under rapeseed in Ukraine has increased by 182% to 1.3 mln ha, which has led to an almost three-fold increase in production to 3.3 mln t (+186%). Almost 90% of all rapeseed produced is exported. The domestic processing industry is supplied with 0.37 mln t.

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Производство, млн т: 3,0

Доля в мире, %: 4

Площадь, млн га: 0,9

Урожайность, т/га: 3,3

Germany is the second-largest producer of rapeseed among the EU member states — 17%. As compared to the previous year, the sown area has decreased by 0.3 mln ha or 27%, which led to a 20% decrease in production to 3 mln t.

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Производство, млн т: 2,3

Доля в мире, %: 4

Площадь, млн га: 0,8

Урожайность, т/га: 2,9

Rapeseed is a widespread oilseed crop in Poland. The country is one of the key rapeseed producers and ranks third in the EU — 14% of the total output. In the last five years, the harvested area has fallen by 13% and the production volume by 30%.

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Производство, млн т: 2,3

Доля в мире, %: 3

Площадь, млн га: 1,9

Урожайность, т/га: 1,1

Rapeseed production in Australia accounted for 89% of all country's oilseeds production in 2019/20. Recent seasons in Australia have been marked by severe weather events and a decline in sown areas resulting in poor yield. In two years, production has fallen by 41% to 2.3 mln t. Exports account for almost 80%, while the remaining amount (0.8 mln t) is processed domestically.

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Производство, млн т: 2,1

Доля в мире, %: 3

Площадь, млн га: 1,5

Урожайность, т/га: 1,4

In the period of ten years, the harvested area has increased by more than 2.5x to 1.4 mln ha in 2019/20. Rapeseed production in Russia more than tripled to 2.1 mln t, and among oilseeds produced it accounts for 9%. More than 70% is processed domestically for oil and oil cake, and 26% is exported.

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Производство, млн т: 1,8

Доля в мире, %: 3

Площадь, млн га: 0,5

Урожайность, т/га: 3,3

The United Kingdom ranks fourth in the EU holding a 10% share of the total production and tenth in the world rating. Rapeseed cultivation in the country is becoming less popular: in just two years, through the reduction of harvested areas, production fell by 19% to 1.8 mln t. This will in the future stimulate an increase in imports of this crop from other countries.

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