Ukraine provides 15% of grain import in the Middle East and North Africa

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By the results of 2015/16 MY the total volume of Ukrainian export of wheat, barley and corn in the Middle East and North region amounted to 13.8 million tons, which makes 14% of all import.

It is reported by APK-Inform.

Experts predict that in 2016/17 MY these regions will import about 103.9 million tons of wheat, barley and maize in total, and Ukraine will provide 15% of this volume.

It is predicted that majority of the purchases in the current MY, as before, will be wheat, its import is estimated at 24.8 million tons in the Middle East (+ 1% from the 2015/16 MG) and 28.1 million tons in North Africa (+ 1%). More significant increase is expected in the segment of corn – up to 16.0 million tons in the Middle East (+ 5%) and up to 17.3 million tonnes in the countries of North Africa (+ 4%). In barley segment, on the other hand, import is expected to decline to 14.6 million tons (-1%) and 3.2 million tonnes (-5%), respectively.

It is noted that in 2014/15 MY the total of 16.3 million tons of the three main grains were exported in this direction, accounting for 16% of total import in the region (101.2 million tons).

It was previously reported that since the beginning of 2016/17 MY as of November 24, Ukraine has exported 17.18 million tons of grain.

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