Fairfax to purchase 25% of Astarta`s shares

Photo by: Latifundist.com

The Canadian company Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited will acquire 25% of Astarta-Kiev`s shares.

This was announced by Viktor Ivanchyk, CEO and majority shareholder of the Agro-industrial holding Astarta-Kiev, at the conference "Green light" from and for the Ukrainian agricultural sector".

According to him, the deal can take place in the coming months.

«We received the consent of the AMC a month ago. Implementation of the agreement took some time, due to the need to align it with all creditor banks. I think we will complete the deal within three to four months», said Victor Ivanchyk.

He confirmed that the co-owner of the company Valery Korotkov is selling his share.

«Valery Korotkov is selling his part of stake to Fairfax. This is a mutually beneficial deal. He has been the owner of the company shares for about 10 years», summed up the CEO of Astarta-Kiev.

It was earlier reported that Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited intended to purchase 9.99% of Astarta-Kiev`s s

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