Ukraine will occupy 57% of the world market of sunflower oil in 2016/17 MY

In 2016/17 MY Ukraine will continue to be a major world exporter of sunflower oil: 57% sunflower oil, delivered to the world market in 2016/17 MY will be of Ukrainian origin.

This was reported by the agrarian market analyst Stanislava Yarosh according to ProAgro.

It is noted that in 2016/17 MY Ukraine exported 5.1 million tons of sunflower oil, which is 0.6 million tons more than in 2015/16 MY.

At the same time, the forecast volume of sunflower oil export from Russia is 1.95 million tons (+0.41 million tons), and from the EU — 0.35 million tons (-0.02 million tonnes).

According to the report, the total volume of sunflower oil production in the world in 2016/17 MY will be 15,85 million tons. At the same time, Ukraine holds the leading position as the largest producer. In 2014/15 MY sunflower oil production was estimated at 4.43 million tonnes in Ukraine whereas in 2016/17 MY it is expected to reach 5.76 million tons, which is an increase of 1.33 million tons or 30%.

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