Bizon-Tech, Ambar Export BKW and LANDFORT combined in BKW Group of companies

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In 2016, Vadim Kovernik and Vitaly Bogovin, the owners of Bizon-Tech, Ambar Export BKW and LANDFORT, combined all their assets into BKW group of companies.

Vadim Kovernik, the owner of BKW Group, told about this in an exclusive interview.

As of today, BKW includes three business directions, presented by Bizon-Tech, Ambar-Export BKW and LANDFORT.

Bizon-Tech company is engaged in distribution of plant protection products, seeds and fertilizers. In the fifth year of its work, Bizon-Tech was already among the Top-4 distributors of Ukraine.

Ambar-Export BKW is responsible for trading. In 2016 Ambar Export BKW entered the TOP-10 wheat exporters.

Besides, BKW group of companies has its own agricultural production on the area of ​​almost 30 thousand hectares. These are 7 agrarian agricultural enterprises, which are united in one agriholding LANDFORT.

"Also, we have almost completed one and a half year structuring and audit of the entire BKW Group in conjunction with Deloitte. Therefore, this fall we will become absolutely public for all our partners and potential investors", Vadim Kovernik summed up.

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